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Merriam/Webster defines “retention” as: “keeping something or someone retained” and for the purposes of our intent, we’ll expand on that by stating in a broader sense that “retention” of our clients customers, is keeping them doing business with you because they feel obliged to.
This is a marketing era where successful businesses from the big box chains, to the mom and pop yogurt shop on the corner, find value in offering rewards systems. Whether with rewards points, gifts with purchases, or buy 5 get 1 free, businesses are utilizing the customers urge to save with an incentive to be loyal!
Keeping this theme for Retention, the Team @ Customer Retention Solutions (CRS) have developed the primary tool to not only retain your customers through a retention type of system but also to make it interactive so the customer can see where he/she are relative to YOUR facility at any given time (as long as they have access to the Internet)! This is the easiest, most effective marketing tool you will ever use, and it is one where your customer carries a hard plastic “credit card sized” card with them where ever they go!

Customer Retention Solutions

It Doesn’t Get Much Easier

No machines to purchase or have to swipe the card through, no special equipment at all, all you or your customer needs is access to the Internet and the CRS website to type in their unique number.  You add the customer's information into the system (one time for each customer), choose the amount to apply to each purchase, how and when it can be used and the rest is automated for you.

Don't be left behind or left out, visit our contact page today and ask us how to get started!

Receive Your Card

Don't be left behind or left out, contact us today and ask us how to get started!

No Equipment Needed

No machines to purchase or have to swipe the card through, no special equipment at all.

Be Informed Anytime

Customers can see if they are relative to your facility as long as they have internet access.

Easy & Comfortable

The easiest, most effective marketing tool you will ever use just in your pocket.

What People Say About Us

Amazing Customer Service is top at my business, and providing my clients with the Customer Retention Solutions Cards gave us an edge over my competitors. Automotive repairs can be an unexpected expense, one that is not always planned on. My clients felt a sense of satisfaction when they received 2% back on their final invoice. It’s a simple system with easy access. After starting my Customer Retention Solutions Card Program we saw the return ratio on client numbers grow. Easy and profitable, I highly recommend Customer Retention Solutions and their Program.
5 star review from Bonnie Estes

Don't be left behind or left out

Contact us Today and Ask Us How to Get Started
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